Position: Sr. Software Developer

Duties :-

Analyze and develop solutions on business process improvement, data quality / migration, and system integration. The specific duties include:

  • (1) Conduct analysis, documentation, pipelining, staging, remediation, cleansing, quality assurance, and publication of all in scope data;
  • (2) Migrate the current external identity management solution to custom authentication provider directory services;
  • (3) Create detailed inventory source systems underlying data elements, and analyze / list the known DQ issues using SQL, IBM/DB2, MSSQL, and Oracle;
  • (4) Provide support for data extract, stage and transform, and integrate the core in-scope data for delivery and access with the new solution;
  • (5) Analyze data sets / data results to draw inferences and identify adherence (or lack thereof) to business requirements;
  • (6) Create projects, add data sources, and write/configure/execute rules / rule sets within IBM Quality Stage and IBM Standardization rules;
  • (7) Perform Information Analyzer administrative tasks (managing logs, schedules, active sessions and security roles) using IBM Infosphere Information server admin console and IBM Information Analyzer;
  • (8) Perform various analysis (column, rule, primary-key, natural-key, foreign-key and cross-domain) using IBM Information Server suite (Information Analyzer, Governance Catalog, Metadata Workbench, Infosphere Information Server Console, DataStage, QualityStage);
  • (9) Develop Parallel jobs using various stages like Join, Merge, Lookup, Surrogate key, Funnel, Sort, Transformer, Copy, Remove Duplicate, Filter, Pivot and Aggregator to group and summarize key performance indicators through IBM Infosphere Datastage;
  • (10) Read data from Nexidia Sterling stream line files and process into Snowflake Cloud DataWarehosue using Apache Nifi, and prepare stored procedures and DB objects using SnowSQL;
  • (11) Support, monitor, and maintain scheduling jobs platforms of Control M Enterprise scheduling environments; and
  • (12) Create technical design specifications and develop analytical reports using MS/Power BI
Qualification Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, MIS or in a closely related field plus minimum 5 years of experience in the same or a related occupation such as software engineer, IT technical architect, systems / programmer analyst. As roving employee, working remotely and/or travels may be required depending on the project assignments.

Working conditions:

Full time. Roaming position according to the projects; nationwide telecommuting available.